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Meeting at the Marx Memorial Library in London
comrad Дата: Суббота, 15.11.2014, 16:49 | Сообщение # 1
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Richard Brenner

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We had a really powerful meeting of Solidarity with Antifascist
Resistance in Ukraine last night at the Marx Memorial Library in London.
Alexey Albu of Объединение Боротьба gave a detailed explanation of the
run up to the 2 May Odessa massacre and then a moving, almost
unbearable, eyewitness account of the events themselves. Jorge Martin,
Andrew Murray, Steve Skelley of the RMT, and Marcel Cartier were also
great. Sorry Lindsey German couldn't make it to speak on the platform;
we hope for her support, and Stop the War Coalition's, for our coming
actions which we agreed for the weeks ahead and into the new year.

 I'm sad to say, however, that one of the platform speakers was, in my
personal opinion, poor. Anatolii Sokoliuk, international secretary of
the Communist Party of Ukraine, was more than a disappointment.

 1. He did not attack the Ukrainian government, or the repression, or the war. Not even the repression of his own party.
 2. The policy priority he emphasised for Ukraine seemed at one point to be the restoration of order.
3. He tried to downplay the fascist character of some elements in the
regime, and to deny that the openly fascist symbols are fascist. He even
said the Wolfsangel (Azov Battalion swastika) is 'not evil'.

 From anyone this would be bad enough. From the International Secretary
of the CPU, which is suffering repression from the regime, it is frankly
a disgrace.

 I thought the other speakers from the platform and the floor did a good
job challenging his comments, especially Andrew and Jorge. I hope this
is not reflective of the official policy of the Communist Party of
Ukraine and I am told by some Ukrainian comrades that many party members
take a very different view. It is downright dangerous that someone like
Sokoliuk should be charged with speaking on the CPU's behalf
internationally, as it will harm efforts to build solidarity.

Thank goodness we had Alexey Albu on our platform, to speak out for how
many Ukrainian opponents of the Kiev regime, and many communists, really

 [Additional comment added 17.25 pm, UK time: it is not impossible, of
course, that Anatolii Sokoliuk was under direct or indirect threat of
reprisals if he criticised the regime, repression, and war.]
Форум » Общее собрание » Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch! » Meeting at the Marx Memorial Library in London
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